Monday, 23 July 2012

Funk Mondays # 4

Toda segunda um novo post recheado de Guetto Funk e Nu-Funk
Every Monday a new post full of Guetto Funk and Nu-Funk
BUSTA - Pump Up The Volume

Guetto-Funk - Busta
Kraak and Smaak - No More Tears

Guetto Funk - Kraak ans Smaak
BMD - Blunt MC

Guetto Funk Breaks - BMD
Earth Wind and Fire

Guetto Funk - Yasumo
Yasumo - Stop and Breathe

Guetto Funk - Yasumo
Got A Date - Suspect / Mr Sus

Guetto Funk - Mr Sus
Germ - G.E.R.M.

Guetto Funk - Phaze5
James Brown Feat Nicodemus
Funky drummer Get Wicked Rmx

Guetto Funk - Relative Funk
Funky Four Plus 1 More
Black Eyed Peas/Taste Of Honey
The Joint-Relative Funk Remix

Guetto Funk - Relative Funk
Watch that Sound 

Reggae - Dub - J-Star

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