Monday, 24 September 2012

Funk Mondays # 12

Razle Dazle - Drought (Em)
Guetto Funk - Razle Dazle
UberVice - Hoochie Mama Drama 
Guetto Funk - UberVice
Howling Wolf - Howlin´ For My Baby (K+Lab Rmx)
Guetto Funk - K+Lab  (Download AQUI!)
The Breakbeat Junkie - It´s Like That
Funky Beaks - The Breakbeat Junkie
Slynk - Party Time (feat MC Kitch)
Guetto Funk - Slynk
Howla - Perfect Time
Glitch Hop - Howla
Take Me - Ecxelty

Glitch Hop - xL-tEe  (Download AQUI!)
Betty Wright - Shoo-rah  Shoo-ra
(Dj MAG Guetto Funk Remix)

Guetto Funk - DJ MAG
The Big Beat (2012 Rescrub) - F-Block
Guetto Funk - F-Block
TC- Do You Rock (Philly Blunt Refix)
Guetto Funk - Philly Blunt
Skrillex and Damian Marley - Make It bun dem
(Dreamsquad Remix) 

Reggae Remix - Dreamsquad
Kraack and Smaak - Call Up To Heaven  (Smoove Remix)
Funk Breaks - Smoove
Mama Said Knock You Out (Selecta DEMO Rmx)
Funk Breaks - Selecta DEMO  (Download AQUI!)
The Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklin (Dj Inko Remix)
Hip Hop - Dj Inko  (Download AQUI!)
When I Get Low (I Get High) - Record Time *MuthaFunkers
Guetto Funk - Record Time
Wood´n´Soo - I Want To Get High
Guetto Funk - Wood`n`Soo
Bigger Than A Hiphoppapotamus - Hiphoppapotamus
Funk Breaks - Hiphoppapotamus
The Breakbeat Junkie - Cant Take It With You 
Guetto Funk - The Breakbeat Junkie
Skeewiff - What Mambo Is This?
Mambo - Skeewiff
The Breakbeat Junkie - Outta Bongolia
Bongo Funk - The Breakbeat Junkie
Kool Keith - Psychotropic Frequencies
Funk Breaks - Psychotropic Frequencies  (Download AQUI!)
Give Praise - Dub Terminator and Ras Stone

Future Dub - Dub Terminator

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