Monday, 1 October 2012

Funk Mondays # 13

iLOVETT! - Beavis and Butthead

Guetto Funk - iLOVETT!   (Download AQUI⇓⇓)
Fort Knox Five - Let The Lyrics Roll

Guetto Funk - Fort Knox Five
A.Skillz - Think

Guetto Funk - A.Skillz
Funkamonics - Nas vs Cure - Revolutionary Lullaby

Guetto Funk - Funkamonics
Stickybuds - Let´s Get It On / Sexual Healing Remix

Funk Breaks - Stickybuds
Lenny Kravitz - American Woman  (Funkamonics Remix)

Guetto Funk - Funkamonics
YBT feat Nas - Tap The Worls  (Funkamonics Remix)

Guetto Funk - Funkamonics
Dizzee Rascal - PxxxY Hole  (Bruce Missile Remix)

Guetto Funk - Bruce Missile
J-Roc - Pepper Booty  (Sould Out Djs Remix)

Guetto Funk - Sould Out Djs
B-MID - Goldtooth 

Guetto Funk - B-MID  (Download AQUI⇓⇓)
4 Mat - 4mat and Uh

Glitch Hop - 4Mat  (Download AQUI⇓⇓)
BdP - Notorious Big vs A.T.C.Q - Check The Bullshit

Hip Hop Mash Up - BdP
T.Rice - How We Do Spinna 

Guetto Funk - T.Rice
Ennio Maccaroni - From Mandeville to Sligoville

Guetto Dancehall - Ennio Maccaroni
Blaque Ghost - (Scotty Marz Buzzfiend Mix)

Guetto Funk - ep4
Dj Sol Rising - Distant Lands

Guetto Funk - Dj Sol Rising
Wolfgang Lohr - Wochenend and Sonnenschein

Super Swing - Wolfgang Lohr

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